• Smart Rainwater Harvesting

    is dedicated to protecting our precious water resources and
    to providing exceptional water security solutions for our clients.

About Us

Like breathing, rainwater creates and sustains life. It is a precious gift from the sky, and it is free of charge. In these trying times, when we are trying to save money, it makes sense to reduce your monthly water bill by reducing your household’s consumption of municipal water.

With local service delivery becoming increasingly less reliable and main water supply under serious threat, it makes sense for you to reduce your reliance on municipal water supply and increasing water security by capturing and storing this valuable and abundant resource.

Smart Rainwater Harvesting is passionate about providing a rainwater capture and storage system designed for your specific needs and pocket. We provide the best water-for-life solution for your household or business, and we provide customer service that will exceed your expectations.

Our Services

Gutter Cleaning Service

Monthly cleaning of input gutters:

Remove leaves, twigs and bird droppings from your input gutter, pipes and pre-filters, thus ensuring that water capture is maximised and clean

Tank Cleaning Service

Monthly cleaning of inside tank:

Remove dirt and sludge build-up from inside your tank, thus ensuring that water is clean and contains no contaminates

Executive Cleaning Service

Monthly cleaning of input gutters and inside tank:

Combination of gutter, pre-filters and tank cleaning services at a discounted price. Includes full integrity check of entire system, any required maintenance plus cutting of any overhanging branches


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